The Experience

In today’s world, many products come from an assembly line, with thousands of identical items turned out in a few hours or even minutes. At evelynH, we believe the jewelry you wear is an expression of your unique style. Why shouldn’t something as personal as a ring or necklace be made just for you?

evelynH. Jewelry was launched in 2006 by two partners with a desire to offer spectacular, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to discerning clients. We are passionate about the art of custom creativity, tailoring each piece to your specific desires and giving you a luxurious experience that is truly personal.

From start to finish, the entire process is designed to satisfy your wishes. Even if you’re not yet sure what you want, evelynH will help you realize that special piece. Whether it’s a show-stopping ring for the perfect proposal or an exclusive signature piece to commemorate a milestone, we are here to make your dreams come true.

After an initial meeting and consultation, your custom experience begins with a private showing of curated precious gems. Once you’ve selected your gemstones, your design begins to take form in hand-drawn sketches and computer-assisted design (CAD) images. After close collaboration and communication to achieve your desired style, our master goldsmiths begin the age-old ritual of crafting the jewelry.

From casting and fabrication to stone setting, hand engraving and the final polish, everything is considered and nothing is overlooked. Discover the difference for yourself. Contact us here to begin your custom experience.